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This CodeLet let you programmatically create a form page and render same form on a block.
Create custom module and follow CodeLet instruction to create a form and block programmatically.

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This CodeLet Sends an email after a node of specific content type is created. The CodeLet uses Drupal8 API which sends and email upon node creation. This CodeLet implement hook_entity_insert & hook_mail.
Place this CodeLet on your MYMODULE.module file.

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This CodeLet will display a block content in a region programmatically.
You have to implement hook_preprocess_HOOK() in THEMENAME.theme file of your theme directory.

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This CodeLet display related products of cart items on the Onepage Checkout at the bottom.

Follow steps to add related products on the Onepage checkout page.

1.) Edit the onepage.phtml file located at /app/design/frontend/default/your_template/template/checkout

2.) Add the following code end of the file:

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This CodeLet will redirect the user to checkout page when user clicks on 'Buy now' button on the product

Use the code and create a custom module

Make sure you keep the weight of the module high in "system" table

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This CodeLet add already implemented "Pass ids as arguments to page" on VBO.
Place this CodeLet to your custom module, you can see the customization on Bulk Operations field on the image.

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This CodeLet will ajaxify the respective element and will trigger an event. Respective action will be taken by the code and displayed on the form within the specified wrapper

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This CodeLet allows to add products to cart from code. The current product uses an extra text field. The cart view has been modified to accomodate extra fields from the product

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This is just a two lines of CodeLet which allows you to redirect your users after they log in to your site. This not complex and super quick

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This CodeLet will Dispaly poll choice radio as a Button and view result on click of button.

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This CodeLet allows to set the user password during Rule execution, the following process can be used.

a) create user entity ($newuser)
b) set a rules variable $password (use PHP code to generate a random string)
c) execute custom PHP which looks like

This way, you can also use the variable $password in say, an email to the user letting them know what their automatically generated password is.

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This CodeLet allows you programatically import property to content type:

1. Install module.
2. Create content type with the fields to which you want to import.
3. you have to update KEY/PASSWORD for Vebra API and URL of property on Vebra.

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This CodeLet let you Programmatically manage members of sub groups. also you can add sub group.
you can inviter/remove peoples of sub groups. Invitation will be sent by email.
after installation of this CodeLet you must have to pass the group gid on query string,
Ex. yourdomain/subgroups/$gid.

CodeLet Dependencies:
1-Organic groups ( og )
2-Subgroups for Organic groups ( og_subgroups )
3-OG Invite People ( og_invite_people ).

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This CodeLet will change the title of the User account page. It will consider and set user's 'username' as the titlte of the account page. Drupal offers this by default. But this can be used when some other modules have already modified the title.

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This CodeLet will store user's login history and creates a block. Admin can place this block on user pages or on pages. Future ammendments to this code will allow to use the stored login details to be displayed using a theme function.
This CodeLet will be submitted to community soon.

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