Set user password using RULES

This CodeLet allows to set the user password during Rule execution, the following process can be used.

  1. create user entity ($newuser)
  2. set a rules variable $password (use PHP code to generate a random string)
  3. execute custom PHP which looks like

This way, you can also use the variable $password in say, an email to the user letting them know what their automatically generated password is.


Drupal: Programmatically manage members of sub groups

This CodeLet let you Programmatically manage members of sub groups. also you can add sub group.
you can inviter/remove peoples of sub groups. Invitation will be sent by email.
after installation of this CodeLet you must have to pass the group gid on query string, 
Ex.  yourdomain/subgroups/$gid.

CodeLet Dependencies:

  1. Organic groups ( og )
  2. Subgroups for Organic groups ( og_subgroups )
  3. OG Invite People ( og_invite_people ).