January 2016

Drupal8: Programmatically create a form and block

This CodeLet let you programmatically create a form page and render same form on a block.
Create custom module and follow CodeLet instruction to create a form and block programmatically.

Drupal8: Send E-mail after node creating.

This CodeLet Sends an email after a node of specific content type is created. The CodeLet uses Drupal8 API which sends and email upon node creation. This CodeLet implement hook_entity_insert & hook_mail.
Place this CodeLet on your MYMODULE.module file.

Drupal8: Set block in a region programmatically.

This CodeLet will display a block content in a region programmatically.
You have to implement hook_preprocess_HOOK() in THEMENAME.theme file of your theme directory.