February 2014

Drupal: Programmatically manage members of sub groups

This CodeLet let you Programmatically manage members of sub groups. also you can add sub group.
you can inviter/remove peoples of sub groups. Invitation will be sent by email.
after installation of this CodeLet you must have to pass the group gid on query string,
Ex. yourdomain/subgroups/$gid.

CodeLet Dependencies:
1-Organic groups ( og )
2-Subgroups for Organic groups ( og_subgroups )
3-OG Invite People ( og_invite_people ).

Sr. Drupal Developer | Joshi Consultancy Services

Joshi Consultancy Services is looking for Sr. Drupal Developers, having experience with custom modules & Theme development, views, ctools, Panels, Features, GIT and Drush.
Candidate must have at least 2 years of experience working with Drupal and should have knowledge of at least Drupal 6.x, & 7.x API

No agency contractors!

Profile2 Registration Path

Hi, I am new to Drupal. I have installed and gone through the steps to create multiple profiles types using Drupal 7.
How do I enable these as links or drop-downs on the main login/registration page so it redirects new users to the appropriate registration profile. For example, example.com/profile1/registration and similarly for profile2, profile 3

Thanks in advance

Drupal: Last Login details

This CodeLet will store user's login history and creates a block. Admin can place this block on user pages or on pages. Future ammendments to this code will allow to use the stored login details to be displayed using a theme function.
This CodeLet will be submitted to Drupal.org community soon.