July 2013

Track Drupal node visit

This CodeLet adds a tab on node page and display all the visits to the node by users.

Drupal: Make single checkbox a required field

This CodeLet will make a single checkbox a require field. This is usefule when you are creating a checkbox in your custom module.

Moderate Drupal comments automatically

This CodeLet enables a Drupal site to moderate the comments automatically. Once a user's comment has been white lited, all his/her furture comments will be automatically moderated without admin to review them.

Generate Drupal sub sites automatically

This CodeLet will generate the number of Drupal sub sites you specify. It requires path to mysql executable on your server. The sub sites will be pre-populated with an SQL file.

Drupal Search field tweaks

This CodeLet tweaks the way the search field is displayed in search block. It adds an image button instead of normal submit button.