May 2013

Drupal: Programmatically create node with CCK fields

This CodeLet reads details from the uploaded CSV file and import the data as nodes in respective fields. The fields can be CCK fields. Using the CodeLet, the CSV files are uploaded and saved to a location and nodes are created from it.

PHP / PHOTOSHOP / HTML / CSS / DRUPAL [one or more]

Hureka Technologies, an established entity in Drupal (Open source Content Management System) space, is seeking skilled and experienced IT professionals in Web domain for furthering their presence in global arena. If you find yourself a suitable match for the following, feel free to pay us a visit and we promise you won't regret -

Aptitude - Ability to work in a dynamic environment, Challenge seeker, Respond in pressure situations (frequent phenomena), Flexible enough to handle growing needs of the projects, Collaborative and learning nature, Ownership and delivery.

Drupal: Award badges to users for Achievements

This CodeLet will create achievements using Achievements API provided by Achievements module. The CodeLet describes how to use the API and build the custom Achievements badges for different activities on the site by the users. Based on these activities, a user will be awarded with an achievement badge. The CodeLet uses different Drupal API hooks in order to check whether the user has peformed an activity and is eligible to get the respective achievement badge.

Drupal: Send file download link & Product key in ubercart confirmation email

This CodeLet will fetch and attach File download link & Product key for software prodcuts on a Durpal ubercart store. You will need to call respective function from the order confirmation template.

Drupal: Reset admin password

This CodeLet will create hash for your admin password. You can provide the string for password and the CodeLet will generate the hash. You can then copy this hash and add in password field in the users table. The code has to be put in index.php of your Drupal installation and the order of the code is important.