April 2013

Drupal: Convert Text to transparent png Image with responsive width

This CodeLet create Transparent png image from 'string', with responsive width.

Drupal: Taxonomy tree with image

This CodeLet creates a tiled dispay of taxonomy block with child terms. If you use taxonomy image module, you can select the preset and taxonomy on block configuration page. The CodeLet then fetches all the tree along with their images and display in tile in the block.

Drupal: Recycle Ubercart coupons

This CodeLet recycles coupons created using Ubercart coupon module. The CodeLet chooses a coupon randomly from the available active coupons and send an email with coupon details to respective users. The coupon is remain active uintil defined period and then expires. This CodeLet, when cron runs, activates those coupons and those can be used again.

Drupal: Donate userpoints to node author

This CodLet will dispay a userpoint form on node pages which allow the current user to donate some userpoints to the author of the node. This CodeLet will award the points to admin user by default.

Drupal: Generate unique invoice number for unbercart order

This CodeLet generate a unique invoice number for every order placed with ubercart. The unique invice number is stored in a custom table and a function is provided to fetch the invoice number for respective order number. You can use this function in order template to display the inovice number

Drupal: Country dependant city dropdowns

This Codlet allows you to load state and city dropdown fields from country you select.
It works as follow:

1. select country, states dropdown will be loaded from country.
2. select state, city dropdown will be loaded from state you select.

Ex. selected country is 'INDIA' you get states dropdown depend on INDIA,

Drupal: Custom search with filters

This CodeLet has a search box with three checkboxes as filters. Depending on the fitler selected, result will be fetched. By default, this CodeLet will dispaly 10 most recent results from groups and users


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